A passion for flying and toys combined

I love flying (It’s in my blood — family thing). I also love toys and gadgets.

In my youth, I passionately remember playing with foam gliders. They are so much fun. In South Africa, though you won’t see them in the store shelves anymore.

When I found a supplier for these classic foam gliders I had an idea. Why not start a CO where kids of all ages can experience the joys of flying a foam glider in parks or their backyard and as an extra plus, underprivileged kids also benefit from this.

The idea is called planeforplane.co

Every time someone buys a foam glider online we match that purchase with a plane glider donation to underprivileged kids and schools. One for One. Plane for Plane.

The site is finally live so go check it out. It’s never been so much fun to give. Also, check out the video I made about it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VVvtjDHwn6o

Family man building businesses offline & online. MD @ the Walker Group. Investing & building via Launchround.com. I write about startups/life.

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