Worship — when I talk about worship I mean this:


There is so much power in worshipping God. And I know there are many forms and ways, yes. For example, working, taking care of your kids, or going for a run — all is a form of worship.

The kind I’m talking about though is when you are alone or with someone (or a group) and you are singing (worshiping) to God giving him everything at that moment, experiencing His presence (Holy Spirit), and expressing yourself in whatever way, you do.

The PEACE of God flows (in and around you)…

Hi friends 👋

We last talked in May! Can it be? I have a massive update for the month of August. So big I broke it into pieces so if you aren’t interested in logos and venture funding you can skip that part. Most of you just want to know when they can download the app. If I could answer the question in two words — VERY SOON! Ok, let’s get going — here are the things I want to talk about 🚀

  1. The logo (*finally)
  2. The process thus far regarding this app (*my thoughts congested)
  3. An angel round (*we…

Hi friends 👋

Since the last update, there has been very little, “updates” 😪

For me, this is so frustrating because the building process is my favorite part. I love the “process”. Most of the time though I’m just waiting for our developer to finish.

So what does a founder do while he waits for the product to be finished or at least have a workable version?

I don’t know really. If all the name, domain, social pages, logo’s and branding is done I don’t know if there is much else to do? …

👋 Friends.

Oh my. This is really hard, and we don’t even have an MVP yet 😅😪

Since moving on to our new developers (which have been a revelation since my previous developer was a no show) things have gone a bit down (a lot) 📉 after an extremely good start. What happened?

Early March for two weeks our developers went quiet. I assumed they were busy working on the app heads down pumping that keyboard. I emailed (a few times) and got no reply.

Finally (fed up 😡), I followed the head nacho on Twitter and replied to one…

👋 Friends.

This month, even though it's the shortest of the year felt really long.

It does seem to get better though as we move into autumn here in South Africa as well as the new financial year.

Onward to the inside scoop 😁

The New Name & Logo?

I finally decided to rename the app “Pencil Bible”. It’s short, sweet, and very descriptive. I got the .com domain 🙌 and with an hour's worth of tinkering changed Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Gmail, and the website to Pencil Bible. It was easier than I thought. Maybe we will change the name…

I know, I know — what a lovely click bate title. I’m not writing this for you, I’m writing it for me. I can’t let this pandemic season/year go by without learning a few good lessons. One day if something like this happens again (God forbid, I hope it doesn’t) I can give advice and help someone through such a unique and difficult season. So here is my 10 cents. Full disclaimer these are not entirely all my thoughts. Many of the themes come from sermons and readings during 2020. Call it borrowed wisdom. So here we go:



24 Books

Facebook loves showing me an ad of this CEO (I can’t remember what he was selling)— but he mentions very earnestly that the AVERAGE CEO reads 50 books a year! He even shows the stack of books.

Now I love reading and learning (always hungry for more wisdom), but how would I fit that into my life?! It turns out, not to be as hard as one might think.

At the beginning of 2019, I set myself the goal of reading 2 books per month thus 24 books per year. Unlike many new years' resolutions, I actually followed…

I love flying (It’s in my blood — family thing). I also love toys and gadgets.

In my youth, I passionately remember playing with foam gliders. They are so much fun. In South Africa, though you won’t see them in the store shelves anymore.

When I found a supplier for these classic foam gliders I had an idea. Why not start a CO where kids of all ages can experience the joys of flying a foam glider in parks or their backyard and as an extra plus, underprivileged kids also benefit from this.

The idea is called planeforplane.co

Every time…

In January 2019 I wrote an article on some online projects I’m launching in 2019. It is now April. Wow, time flies!

The first project is launching today and its called Plane Religion. The second project is called PLANE for PLANE (planeforplane.co) and will launch before the end of the month (the video for the project is taking some time pfffff).

Yes this is an invitation to partner with me (Erin Walker www.erinwalker.me for more info) in trying a few different “on the line” entrepreneurial projects in 2019 all coming from my passion for flying, the PLANE brand and building products on the line (I know the correct term is online #humor)

My ideas:

Erin Walker

Family man building businesses offline & online. MD @ the Walker Group. Investing & building via Launchround.com. I write about startups/life.

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